The most popular sports in the USA

American football has more attendance than any other sport in the country and the NFL has the highest attendance in the world. As a whole, it is the most popular sport in the United States.

Football in the USA refers to American football or “gridiron”- borrowing rules from soccer and rugby. Because of its violent character and high risk of injury or even death, the old style of the game has been abrogated. In this way, many rules in the style of game were changed for safety reasons.

As it’s a full-contact sport, the game requires special equipment. Helmets and shoulder pads are indispensable to prevent injuries, but some lower leagues oblige wearing knee pads and mouth guards as well.

The most-watched game is the Super Bowl and is one of the biggest sports events in the world. Many College Championships have a weekend schedule or are held on a national holiday. That’s the main factor for the high percentage of attendance.

American football is played mostly by men and the first women football team became official only in 2015.

Baseball is considered for the most part to be the favorite sport of America. Without a doubt, this has been the oldest sport in the country with a history of over 150 years. However, it has struggled to evolve and embrace the new digital era. Many millennials are not attracted by it at all due to the low game flow and lack of physicality.

Major League Baseball is the highest level in the USA.

Basketball is the most loved American sport all over the globe. However, It is ranked only third in popularity behind football and baseball. The USA basketball Men’s National Team with the nickname Dream Team is considered to be the most successful team according to FIBA World Rankings. With 15 gold medals from all 18 Olympics tournaments, the is a world powerhouse when it comes to basketball. The Women’s National Team has won eight FIBA World Cups.

Soccer is a global sport but isn’t as popular in the USA. Its development has been rapid over the years, though. Many say that soccer is now the 4th most popular sport in the States taking the place of Ice Hockey.

The highest level of professional soccer is the Major League Soccer with its governing body  – The US Soccer Federation. Currently, the top professional Ladies league in the country is the National Women’s Soccer League founded in 2012. The team has won four gold medals and titles at Women’s World Cups.

Ice hockey used to be popular mainly in the cold (northern) areas in the United States. Due to the expansion of the National Hockey League to the southeast and the western regions of the country its popularity grew. A precedent in the history of sport is the fact that many residents and supporters of ice-hockey also travel a lot.

Nowadays there is an abundance of artificial ice rinks and the climate is not an issue anymore.

The United States ice- hockey system is formed on a hierarchical base with an upward progression. All independent, regional and professional leagues strive to reach the top – The National Hockey League.