The most popular sports in the UK (2019 Statistics)

Sport is a collective emotion. It is a major source of entertainment and has a huge impact on sports fans all over the world.

  Top popular sports in the UK

  • Football (soccer);
  • cricket;
  • tennis;
  • rugby
  • badminton
  • Golf

The game of football without a doubt is the most popular sport in the UK. But it’s also a global sport because it’s not simply just a game – it’s a whole industry. The Premier League gets £2,5 billion per year from TV rights. This is the most-watched league in the world with a TV audience of more than 4 billion viewers.

The English Premier League holds the top position of the football pyramid in the UK. The ‘’red devils” Manchester United have won more league titles (20) than any other team in English football. Even though most teams play to become champions, English football players are also all about the game itself.

Played since the 16th century, Cricket is considered to be the national sport in all British countries. While Ireland and Scotland have their own teams, England joins Wales. The fields for cricket in the aforementioned countries are larger than these in India and Australia. Lord’s Stadium in London is regarded as the “home of cricket”.

The governing body of Tennis in the UK is the Lawn Tennis Association – the most prestigious tennis event is Wimbledon Championship. Although it is not a team but an individual sport, tennis takes the 3rd place in the list of most popular sports in the UK. Wimbledon is the only one of all majors’ grounds with a grass cover. The other major locations – Melbourne, Paris, and New York use other types of covers.

Rugby. We simply cannot do it a disservice by skipping to mention it. There are different kinds of rugby with rules of their own. The Government also encourages this sport by initiating investments into the game of rugby. Both Rugby Union and Rugby League compete in Rugby Super League and Six Nations Championship. Touch rugby is among the fastest-growing sports in the UK because it is a casual game.

Badminton is а high-level organized racket sport worldwide. The governing body is BWF – Badminton World Federation which was founded in 1934 with head office located in Kuala Lumpur. It has 9 members including all countries of the UK. The world’s oldest badminton tournament is All England- Open Badminton Championships and in 2011 it was given a Premier status.

In the field of Golf, the UK has the largest number of golf courses registered – about 2000. In comparison, Ireland has only 400 and Wales maintains about 140 golf courses. Currently, the most robust golf market in the world is the US one but arguably the best golf courses are located in Scotland.

This sport is vital for the local economies because golf clubs attract many elite athletes and overall rich people who do plenty of charity work for the community. Unfortunately, Golf isn’t a sport that everyone just starts to play. It’s an expensive hobby initially, and only later it may become a professional endeavor.

Let’s not forget that betting is becoming more and more popular in the UK, just as it is in Brazil.