Speaker M.Enkhbold meets voters

Speaker M.Enkhbold visits a cow milk dairy farm in Batsumber soum

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold toured Batsumber, Mungunmorit, Bayandelger, and Bayan soums of Tuv Province from February 28 to March 2 to oversee some projects being implemented to promote small and medium-sized enterprises in provincial areas, and meet local residents’ to exchange views on decisions made by the legislature and policies that the government is executing.

The speaker noted that Parliament and Cabinet have been making efforts to strengthen state accountability since the beginning of 2017, and Parliament will review amendments to the Acts of Parliament to improve ethics and accountability of lawmakers. During his meetings with the people, he emphasized that as a representative of Tuv Province’s south and southeast soums in Parliament, he is responsible for overseeing processes of ongoing projects in these soums and listening to local residents’ opinions on the Mongolian People’s Party’s action plan.

The head of Batsumber soum told the speaker that many farmers and dairy producers are operating in the soum, which supply a large piece of Ulaanbaatar’s milk demand, and the soum’s government office is supporting the soum’s citizens who are interested in opening their own new business by providing them with soft loans for projects to promote small and medium-sized enterprises.

The head of Mungunmorit soum said to the speaker that as the soum is surrounded by Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, there are possibilities for the soum to develop tourism and make money from wild fruits and pine nuts in the summer.

During the tour, Speaker M.Enkhbold participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new cultural and sports center in Mungunmorit soum, which will be funded by the state budget.

Herders of Bayan soum stated that as the government is issuing mining exploration licenses in the territory of the soum without asking the soum’s residents first, pasture degradation threats are arising for herders, and they asked the speaker to address this matter.

During his meeting with Bayandelger residents, the speaker told them that as the 2018 state budget included the financing to build a new culture and sports center in the soum, the construction project for the center is scheduled to be launched this spring.


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