National football team to hold friendly matches in March


The Mongolian national team will play against Malaysian national football team in Kuala Lumpur on March 22, 2018.

Moreover, the FIFA Tier 1 Friendly Match will take part in Mongolia for the first time, where the Mauritius national football team will arrive in Mongolia for a friendly match on March 27.

If the Mongolian national football team is successful at the friendly match, it will move up from its current rank, which is 189th in FIFA World Rankings.

The Malaysian national football team is ranked 175th and the Mauritius national football team is ranked 157th.

Head coach of the Mongolian national football team Michael Weiss noted that he is planning three things in the near future, which are to gather experience through international tournaments, to upgrade the team’s rank in the FIFA World Rankings, and to take part in the East Asian Championships.

The integrated training of the Mongolian national football team will take part between February 1 and 20. The team will also participate in a joint training in China between February 20 and March 20.

Some 23 athletes will take part in the friendly march, out of 29 athletes currently in training.

Athletes training for the friendly match are:


A.Saikhanchuluun (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

E.Munkh-Erdene (Athletic 220 Club)

B.Ariunbold (Erchim Club)


D.Turbat (Athletic 220 Club)

O.Munkh-Orgil (Deren Club)

Ts.Enkhjargal (Erchim Club)

A.Munkhnasan (FC Ulaanbaatar)

N.Tsedenbal (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

A.Narmandakh (Deren Club)

O.Oyunbaatar (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

B.Davaajav (Erchim Club)

M.Altankhuu (Ulaanbaatar City Club)


S.Gankhuyag (Khangarid Club)

A.Tserenbayar (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

G.Gantogtokh (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

B.Tugsbileg (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

B.Batmunkh (Deren Club)

Ts.Munkh-Erdene (Khangarid Club)

A.Temuujin (Deren Club)

B.Baljinnyam (Khoromkhon Club)

J.Sundorj (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

D.Bilguun (Deren Club)

M.Tuguldur (Erchim Club)

A.O.Bayarjargal (FC Ulaanbaatar)


N.Naranbold (Athletic 220 Club)

P.Enkhbileg (Goyo FC)

M.Janserikh (Deren Club)

Ts.Tumenjargal (Ulaanbaatar City Club)

S.Gal-Erdene (Erchim Club)


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