President meets with Darkhan and Selenge residents

President Kh.Battulga (center) meets with Selenge residents

Since starting his tour to meet the nation on January 14, President Kh.Battulga has met with nearly 20,000 people from seven districts and 11 provinces as of February 21. The president completed his latest round of meetings with Selenge Province and Darkhan City residents on February 21 to listen their opinions on the president’s work performance.

A number of Selenge residents told the president that local law enforcement agencies in Selenge such as courts, prosecutors and police are not working in accordance with the law and criticized that when it comes to judicial review procedures and reports for jury verdicts on sentencing, the province’s judicial organizations are not treating everyone equally as stated by the law and are not free of corruption. They asked the president to turn his attention to this issue as the president has the authority to reform law enforcement agencies.

A resident of Selenge Province’s Altanbulag soum noted that the province has the country’s largest border checkpoint crossing the Russian border, Altanbulag Port. He said that if the province takes advantage of this opportunity, there are a lot of possibilities to boost the province’s development, especially development of soums along the Mongolian and Russian border, but the province’s heads are not making effort to explore this opportunity.

A resident of Selenge’s Zuunkharaa, which is one of Mongolia’s largest populated cities, stressed that as unemployment is the biggest problem facing Zuunkharaa, there should be a greater attention given to creating jobs and on providing soft loans to entrepreneurs.

During the president’s meeting with Darkhan residents, people noted that Darkhan City was at its development’s highest point before 1990 as there were a lot of small and medium-sized industries in the city, but unfortunately, the industries were stopped and there are no factories that provide jobs to local residents and the city has not implemented any robust development policies last decades to make Darkhan the country’s top satellite city.

Some seniors in attendance stated that as almost all pensioners have taken a pension loan to help their children purchase housing, pay their grandchildren’s university tuition fees, or for Tsagaan Sar and other purposes, they are supporting the president’s initiative to reform the pension system.

Darkhan residents asked the president to focus on reducing interest rates of loans to promote small and medium-sized enterprise, salary and pension loans. They also criticized that public participation in discussions for constitutional amendments carried out throughout Mongolia last summer were very low, and also asked the president to compel Parliament to make the Constitution better when reviewing constitutional amendments during Parliament’s upcoming spring session.


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