The Golden Grand-Prix Ivan Yarygin 2018 featured around 380 wrestlers from 21 countries at the Football-Arena Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk, Russia on January 26. Silver medalist of the Asian Championships and State Merited Athlete P.Orkhon won the women’s 62 kg at the Golden Grand-Prix Ivan Yarygin on January 27 for the third year in a row.

There were 15 wrestlers competing in the women’s 62 kg category. She defeated four of her opponents in clear wins out of five. Since 1991, Mongolian wrestlers have been constantly participating in the Golden Grand-Prix Ivan Yarygin, a wrestling event named after Ivan Sergeyevich Yarygin, who was a Soviet and Russian heavyweight freestyle wrestler. Between 1970 and 1980, Yarygin won all the international competitions he took part in, except for the 1970 and 1974 European championships where he placed second. Yarygin won the Munchen 1972 and Montreal 1976 Olympic Games, and the Teheran 1973 World Championships.

A Mongolian team consisting of over 70 athletes participated under the guidance of head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team B.Battulga, and other coaches, including Ts.Bayarsaikhan, A.Tsedensodnom, B.Batzorig, and U.Uuganbayar. Moreover, two international referees of Mongolia, L.Nyamchuluun, and B.Radnaa, will judge the tournament.


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