U.Khurelsukh (second from the left) allocates hay and feed to Khentii Province

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh made his regular rounds to check on wintering and socio-economic situations of Khentii Province.

The government gave five ambulances, worth 210 million MNT, to the province. The Eleg Buten National Program and Cancer-Free Sukhbaatar programs are also running in Khentii Province to improve local healthcare services. The government has invested more than 670 million MNT to improve their education sector, reported an official. This year’s development plan includes the construction of a school for 960 children in Baruun-Urt soum, a school dormitory for 75 people in Uulbayan soum, two kindergartens for 200 children in Tuvshinshiree and Erdenetsagaan soums, two cultural centers with 240 seats respectively in Khalzan and Munkhkhaan soums, and a health center with 10 beds in Dariganga soum. It was reported that seven billion MNT and 5.1 billion MNT have been projected from the state budget and local budget respectively for these projects.

Provincial authorities requested the prime minister to include a concession for building a 272 km road between Baruun-Urt and Bichigt soums, investment for a railway track between Bichigt and Khuut soums, and funds for expanding the Thermal Power Plant in Baruun-Urt soum and building, a cultural center, schools and kindergartens in next year’s state budget.

In relation to proclaiming 2018 as “Responsible Year”, U.Khurelsukh ordered government organizations to work efficiently and productively, regularly report on their work, provide quick and reliable services to the public without bureaucracy and delay, speed up the time it takes to process complaints and requests, and finish development projects on time. He reminded them to reprimand state workers who violate the law or fail to do their job properly, and reward those who excel in their job.

“When interacting with the public, always remember that you’re fed and able to keep your jobs thanks to tax payers. Stop your organizational politics. Provinces can’t develop if you’re dividing into groups and factions,” he warned.

Next, the authorities of Khentii Province reported on their wintering situation. They stated that this year’s preparation for winter was completed poorly as the province has been experiencing a drought for three consecutive years. The prime minister took their situation into account and decided to supply 160 tons of hay free of charge and 200 tons of animal feed with 50 percent discount. The local authority and emergency department will decide the distribution of these resources.

U.Khurelsukh allowed Khentii Province to purchase two more vehicles for carrying out disinfection and sterilization measures and an ambulance for Berkh soum’s clinic.

Local authorities asked the government to pay attention to their project aimed to make Khentii Province a tourism hotspot. Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh accepted the request and ended the meeting to meet local residents.


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