Deputy Head of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) S.Ganbaatar and a group of party members held a separate press conference yesterday about the second fall session of MPRP.

The political party already held the session in December 2017, but another one has been scheduled on February 9 and 10 as a group of members claimed that the first was “illegal”. However, the members who took part in December’s meeting confuted that the new fall session is “illegal”.

MP O.Baasankhuu: The upcoming 2nd fall session is illegal

A group of MPRP members led by Member of Parliament O.Baasankhuu organized the party’s second fall session in December last year and re-elected N.Enkhbayar as the party head. However, a couple of members led by Head of MPRP N.Enkhbayar announced that it was held “illegally”.

During Thursday’s press conference, MP O.Baasankhuu assured that December’s session was held in conformity with the law and said that they tried to elect their party head but N.Enkhbayar and his followers influenced on law enforcement agencies, resulted to violence, and pressured party members who attended the session.

“The party session should discuss specific issues and decide which members can participate in it according to the party’s rule. Yet, members from MPRP’s primary organization weren’t selected (to attend the newly-announced fall session) and instead, they are trying to pay non-members to attend. We will report this illegal meeting to legal organizations,” members declared.

They scorned other members’ for deciding to hold the fall session on February 9 and 10 without inviting O.Baasankhuu and his followers.

“N.Enkhbayar has made unfair decisions, never tried to take responsibility for his actions according to the party’s rule, and will never be able to put down his own interests for the sake of ordinary members and the public,” a party member stated.

MPRP Deputy Head S.Ganbaatar: We will adopt a new Constitution

MPRP Deputy Head S.Ganbaatar briefed about the agenda of the upcoming two-day fall session.

He announced that primary organizations of MPRP selected 1,044 people to represent party groups of soums, districts and khoroos at the fall session.

“We will not discretely transport participants through buses but hold the meeting openly in front of the public. The main purpose of the session is to make it a historic meeting that hands over the supreme state power to the public. At present, a few families are holding the supreme state power. We will approve a new action plan. We will adopt a new Constitution,” S.Ganbaatar said.

The MPRP plans to go through the following issues at the session:

  • Revision of MPRP’s action plan
  • Renewal MPRP’s basic rules
  • Approval of amendments to the Constitution  based on public opinions
  • Elections for the heads of MPRP, Small Council, and Ethics Review Committee

S.Ganbaatar stated, “Politicians and chairmen need to stop thieving. Let’s have the public elect managerial-level personnel and review their performance. Judges have been bought by politicians. As a result of the fall session, we hope to eliminate this situation.”

MPRP decided to discuss changes related the Election Law, which was proposed by the party’s council, and finalize it in addition to terminating membership of members who have been involved in wrongdoings.


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