UB to support newly-opened construction combine

Mayor S.Batbold visiting Construction Manufacturing Combine on February 3

Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold oversaw operations of Erel LLC’s construction manufacturing combine last Saturday to provide necessary support and boost their work.

The combine was founded in 1963 within the framework of the general plan to increase buildings and structures in Ulaanbaatar. The combine was auctioned in 1994 after it built 80 percent of all buildings in the capital at the time. The combine was equipped with the latest technology and equipment from Germany and reopened in November last year.

“We refitted the combine’s Russian technology with German ones that are recognized globally before commissioning it. The combine has five networks and the first manufactures inner walls, pilasters, and stairs. It has the capacity to manufacture 150 inner walls per day. The second network produces all frameworks required for a building and armature. It processes a blueprint and immediately prints it out. The third and fourth networks manufacture outer walls with energy-saving insulation. The last network, on the other hand, manufactures 120-meter pavement plates and cuts them to any size demanded,” introduced B.Erdenebat, a board director of Erel LLC.

Mayor S.Batbold visiting Construction Manufacturing Combine on February 3

The key raw materials used at the combine are crushed stones from mountains and sand. It has a storage that can provide continuous supply for three months straight when fully stocked up. B.Erdenebat assured that all of the combine’s products are resilient to earthquakes and are not only cheap but also easy to assemble and build a structure.

“It’s possible to build a kindergarten for 100 children within 14 days,” he said.

Mayor S.Batbold explained that the combine was opened with the purpose to combat air and soil pollution by housing the public, introduce gas products, increase affordable apartments, and start moving the private sector. He expressed strong support for the combine as he believes that it allows companies to construct buildings in Mongolia all four seasons. The mayor promised to price apartments cheaper than 1.2 million MNT per square meter.

“Erel LLC wishes the government to first negotiate mortgage loan deals and secondly, resolve their issues related to land. Construction companies spend more money on land eviction than on the construction of the building itself. The company said it will build an apartment complex – a residential town – for 500 to 1,000 families. It also requested to have the infrastructure problem resolved through the state budget. Solving these problems will allow us to create a model residential town,” S.Batbold stated.

After reviewing the combine’s operations, S.Batbold and B.Erdenebat signed a memorandum within the line of work to develop a satellite city and town, implement a housing policy, and intensify development in the social sector.

It was reported that introducing the latest technological advancements in Mongolia will make it possible for more than 100,000 employees of 4,189 licensed construction companies to have a permanent job that operates throughout the year.


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