The Mongolian Draughts Federation has organized its first draughts tournament of the year on January 20 and 21.

Some 147 athletes from cities and provinces including Uvs, Umnugovi, Dornogovi, Selenge, Tuv, Uvurkhangai and Orkhon provinces competed in three categories at the State Junior Draughts Championships.

The 16th State Junior Draughts Championships was held in honor of the Institution of Engineering and Technology this year.

In the six-nine and 10-13 age categories, participants competed in the Swiss system, playing nine matches, while the participants of the 14-17 age category played eight matches.

In addition, the Mongolian Draughts Federation appointed new executives. Member of Parliament A.Undraa will serve as the director of the federation and Asian champion R.Manlai will serve as general secretary.

Results of the tournament:

Age 6-9 girls’

Gold – G.Shinesaran (Dornogovi Province)

Silver – Ts.Sumiya (Khulugt Togloom Club)

Bronze – Ts.Myagmarsuren (Uvs Province)

Age 6-9 boys’

Gold – B.Baasanbar (School No.42)

Silver – Z.Argabileg (Ireedui Complex School)

Bronze – G.Zolboo (Bayanzurkh District)

Age 10-13 girls’

Gold – B.Yesui (School No.42)

Silver – N.Lkhagvadolgor (Umnugovi Province)

Bronze – N.Naljormaa (Dornogovi Province)

Age 10-13 boys’

Gold – B.Bayarmanlai (Shine Mongol School)

Silver – A.Dashchirev (School No.42)

Bronze – B.Sukhbat (Orkhon Province)

Age 14-17 girls’

Gold – B.Anujin (Hasu Megastars)

Silver – B.Khaliunaa (Dornogovi Province)

Bronze – B.Munkhjin (Hasu Megastars)

Age 14-17 boys’

Gold – Ts.Chinzorig (Sant School)

Silver – M.Luvsandorj (Khentii Province)

Bronze – B.Erdenebaatar (School No.42)


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