The State Adult Freestyle Wrestling Championships was held at Khangarid Sports Palace in Orkhon Province over last week.

State Merited Athlete G.Mandakhnaran, 32, was one of the best wrestlers that took part in the championships. He participated in the 74 kg category and took the victory.

This is the seventh gold medal at the State Championships for G.Mandakhnaran. He is the first man to win the State Championships in four different weight categories.

The following is an interview with G.Mandakhnaran, who is a two-time bronze medalist of the World Championships, and placed fifth at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Who do you want to name as a tough opponent at the State Adult Freestyle Championships 2018?

The State Adult Freestyle Championships is getting fierce year by year. All the opponents have prepared well as usual. I’d like to name G.Iderkhuu from Avarguud Academy who wrestled against me.

How does it feel to wrestle in a new weight division?

I had to lose weight. The State Adult Freestyle Championships was held in the new weight categories announced by United World Wrestling this year. Also, a weight in is held on the morning of the competition day. I like this new rule actually. Because the Olympics also has the 74 kg category, I’d like to carry on wrestling in this weight category.

Are there many international competitions these days?

At the end of January, there is one international tournament called Golden Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, which I am training to take part in.

There is an issue relates to the bronze medal you were supposed to win at Rio 2016. How was it concluded?

I approached to the Permanent Court of Arbitration. I guess it will take one to two years to be concluded. I encountered the referee at the World Championships last year. We have normal relations.


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