The 49th State Sambo Wrestling Championships was held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Sambo wrestling in Mongolia from January 12 to 14 at Buyant Ukhaa Sports Palace.

The State Sambo Wrestling Championships 2018 named after the first president of the Mongolian Sambo Federation L.Enebish is a prelude to the Asian Championships, which will be held in Ulaanbaatar in May.

The Asian Sambo Championships will be held from May 12 to 13 and the Mongolian Sambo Federation is organizing it in Mongolia after 21 years.

The head referee of the State Sambo Wrestling Championships was State Merited Athlete Kh.Batkhishig. Some 460 athletes from 40 companies participated this year.

Results of the State Sambo Wrestling Championships:


Women’s event


52 kg

Gold: E.Gerelmaa (Khilchin Sports Committee)

Silver: G.Gantsetseg (Khilchin Sports Committee)

Bronze: A.Namuundalai (Khan-Uul District Genco

Sports Club), L.Enkh-Otgon (BTSD University)

60 kg

Gold: Ch.Azzaya (Khilchin Sports Committee)

Silver: L.Ninjin (Khilchin Sports Committee)

Bronze: Ts.Altanzul (Bayanzurkh District Genco

Sports Club), Ts.Khulan (Aldar Sports Committee)

68 kg

Gold: B.Battsetseg (Uvs Nuur Arena)

Silver: M.Bayartuul (Borjigon Arena)

Bronze: D.Delgerdari (Orkhon Province),

B.Khongorzul (Khilchin Sports Committee)

80 kg

Gold: O.Munkhtsetseg (Suld Sports Committee)

Silver: B.Sainbuyan (Khuch Sports Committee)


Bronze: G.Sarangoo (Selenge Province), A.Batzul

(Khan-Uul District Genco Sports Club)

Combat Sambo


57 kg

Gold: G.Bayanduuren (Selenge Province)

Silver: B.Batbayar (0303 Mongolian Border

Protection Unit)

Bronze: A.Khatansaikhan (350th Mongolian


Armed Forces Unit), M.Munkhbat (Khuch Sports


62 kg

Gold: N.Togtokhbayar (Selenge Province)

Silver: J.Odsuren (Khuch Sports Committee)

Bronze: B.Sukhtulga (Law Enforcement University

of Mongolia), Ts.Tugsbold (Law Enforcement

University of Mongolia)

68 kg

Gold: Kh.Batkhuree (Law Enforcement University

of Mongolia)

Silver: Viktor Dulmaev (Russian Federation)

Bronze: B.Ganbat (Selenge Province), J.Battulga

(Irves Sports Club)

82 kg

Gold: Ts.Narantogtokh (Irves Sports Club)

Silver: N.Erdene-Undrakh (Irves Sports Club)

Bronze: D.Batsumberel (0303 Mongolian Border

Protection Unit), E.Enkhbayar (Irves Sports Club)

100 kg

Gold: T.Ariunbold (Irves Sports Club)

Silver: Ch.Bayarkhuu (Irves Sports Club)

Bronze: P.Dashpeljee (Irves Sports Club),

S.Tsengelsuren (Suld Sports Committee)

+100 kg

Gold: B.Unurjargal (Khuch Sports Committee)

Silver: B.Sugarjargal (Khuch Sports Committee)

Bronze: B.Batdorj (Law Enforcement University

of Mongolia), B.Bayanmunkh (Khuch Sports



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