A Mongolian wrestling tournament on the occasion of the Constitution Day was held on January 13 featuring a total of 256 top state and province ranked wrestlers. Many famous wrestlers including State Lion N.Batsuuri, R.Purevdagva, State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh, State Elephant B.Batmunkh, B.Purevsaikhan, B.Soronzonbold, State Hawk Sh.Ulambayar, A.Tsatsabshir, N.Batzaya, G.Altangerel, J.Amartuvshin, B.Bat-Ulzii, M.Badarch and O.Khangai took part in the tournament.

State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh, a wrestler from Ulaangom soum, Uvs Province who belongs to Aldar Sports Committee and Uvs Nuur Arena, won the tournament after eight rounds. The runner-up was State Falcon E.Enkhbat, a wrestler from Mogod soum, Bulgan Province who belongs to Bulgankhangai Arena.

State Falcon B.Sangisuren fromTaragtsoum, Uvurkhangai Province who belongs to Ikh Mongolyn Khuchten Arena, and Province Hawk from Saikhan soum, Bulgan Province remained in the final.

Fifth round (winners in bold)

  1. State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh – Province Lion B.Davaa-Ochir
  2. State Elephant B.Purevsaikhan – State Falcon Sh.Shinebayar
  3. State Hawk A.Tsatsabshir – State Falcon Ch.Tsogbayar
  4. State Hawk N.Batzaya – State Falcon B.Sangisuren
  5. State Falcon E.Enkhbat – Province Elephant L.Batsaikhan
  6. State Falcon Ch.Bayanmunkh – Province Hawk D.Purevdorj
  7. State Falcon B.Batjargal – State Falcon D.Anar
  8. State Falcon E.Dash – State Falcon Ch.Khukhchirenger

Sixth round

  1. State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh – State Falcon Ch.Tsogbayar
  2. State Falcon E.Enkhbat – State Falcon Sh.Shinebayar
  3. State Falcon B.Sangisuren – State Falcon D.Anar
  4. State Falcon E.Dash – Province Hawk D.Purevdorj

Seventh round

  1. 1. State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh – State Falcon B.Sangisuren
  2. State Falcon E.Enkhbat – Province Hawk D.Purevdorj

Eighth round

  1. State Garuda U.Bat-Orshikh – State Falcon E.Enkhbat


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