Update on G.Nomuundari’s rape case

G.Nomuundari's lawyers holding press conference on Wednesday

A press conference was announced on Wednesday to report about the recent rape allegations by former Mining Minister G.Gankhuyag’s daughter G.Nomuundari.

Lawyers O.Chuluunchimeg and R.Bulgamaa gave statements on behalf of the 17-year-old who live broadcasted a video on Facebook on November 30 last year, accusing that young heirs of some conglomerates in Mongolia and children of reputable figures raped and drugged her on her 16th birthday in June 2016. The video went viral and caused public uproar.

The First Police Department of Khan-Uul District and Special Crimes Unit of the General Investigation Agency are investigating the case, as shared during the press conference.

“G.Nomuundari broadcasted a video about a child crime on November 30 via her own social media account. This was a very brave action that put her reputation at stake. The things G.Nomuundari said are attracting public attention. There even was a controversy about her sanity. Psychologically, G.Nomuundari is healthy,” lawyer R.Bulgamaa stated.

She backed her statement with the fact that G.Nomuundari enrolled into a university by achieving high marks in the general education examination for high school students.

“After the video, the girl underwent health checkups. Her test results proved that she doesn’t take any drugs. To protect her legal rights, her father approached the State General Prosecutor’s Office last year. A legal team, led by (L.Gansukh’s lawyer) Ts.Baasandorj, is working on the case.”

R.Bulgamaa complained that law enforcement organizations are “too careless” with the case when investigations haven’t finished and criminal charges to be filed haven’t been decided. Due to this, the prosecutor in charge is getting distracted and various bad rumors are starting, she reported.

G.Nomuundari’s lawyers raised concerns about the credibility of statements provided by witnesses, saying that the police didn’t allow lawyers to be present during witness interrogations.

“We have filed a complaint to the Internal Audit and Security Division of the General Police Department to hold the police inspector in charge for violating the Criminal Procedure Code by taking witness testimonies without the presence of lawyers.”

According to the Criminal Procedure Code, a defense counsel has the right to meet with the suspect, accused, or defendant along from the moment he or she is permitted to participate in a case, be present at their interrogation and to put a question.

Lawyer O.Chuluunchimeg stated that investigators locked the door from the inside while getting a witness statement from G.Nomuundari and allegedly ordered police guards to lie that she wasn’t in the room. She added that the investigators switched their phones off and took statements in secret.

In regards to the investigation process, the lawyers stated, “As of now, several witnesses have been interrogated. The lawyers made requests to have these people questioned as witnesses. The lawyers who made the request become eligible to be present during witness interrogations. Disappointingly, we weren’t allowed to enter while some witnesses gave their testimonies. Witness statements prove that two people committed sexual assault. However, the police aren’t searching for them. It was determined that they are not in Mongolia.”

According to lawyers, the two rape suspects study abroad.

After the viral video, various websites reported that G.Nomuundari was studying in Japan. In regards to her whereabouts, her lawyers assured that she hasn’t left the country. She reportedly graduated Sant High School last spring and enrolled in the Institute of Finance and Economics in September last year. However, G.Nomuundari has taken a year-long break from her school as she refused to attend her classes after the overwhelming attention she got after posting her live broadcast on Facebook, according to her lawyers.

G.Nomuundari’s lawyer said she will give a statement at the First Police Department of Khan-Uul District soon.


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