Cabinet reviews state-owned enterprise management

Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar speaks to the press after the cabinet meeting

During its weekly meeting, Cabinet discussed improving leadership management and operational expenditures of state-owned enterprises.

At the meeting, Cabinet decided to dissolve five state-owned companies operating with a large amount of deficits including Industrial Complex, Mongol Harvest Corporation, Mongol Meat Corporation, Mongol Seal and Road Facilities Rental.

Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar noted that debts and deficits of the companies will be repaid and balanced by selling their assets. He added that state-owned enterprises reported two billion MNT for expenditures of meetings, workshops and other events being hosted by ministries and government agencies in the past four years, which is why Cabinet will take measures to dissolve or merge state-owned enterprises to improve their management and operations, and reduce their operational expenditures. G.Zandanshatar pointed out that directors of state-owned enterprises will make contracts with the government to improve the enterprises’ management.

Head of the Government Agency for Policy Coordination on State Property Ts.Nyam-Ochir was tasked with making a list of state-owned enterprises to be privatized from 2018 to 2020.

Cabinet agreed to submit an agreement between the governments of Mongolia, China and Russia to carry out international transport through the Asian Highway Network Project to Parliament. Cabinet members agreed to put forward a proposal to open Mongolia’s resident consulate in Manzhouli City of China to the Parliament’s Security and Foreign Policy Standing Committee.

During the meeting, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry B.Batzorig reported about the herders, farmers, enterprises, and farms that will receive state awards for outstanding agricultural achievements on Tsagaan Sar, or Lunar New Year. Cabinet will announce the names of outstanding farmers and herders to be awarded by the state before Tsagaan Sar. A total of 128 herders, five dairy farmers, five crop farmers, 10 agricultural enterprises, and 27 cultivators will be awarded by the government during Tsagaan Sar.


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