President visits new construction factory

Director of Erel LLC B.Erdenebat introduces President Kh.Battulga to the new factory

President Kh.Battulga toured a building material factory of Erel LLC on January 9.

Director of Erel LLC B.Erdenebat said, “The construction factory was established in 1963, and as the factory started adopting German innovate construction technology in its operation since 2014, and it has begun its official operation last December, the factory is able to produce construction and building materials all four seasons of the year, as well as build apartments by using construction materials made in Mongolia.”

The president highlighted that the best solution to eradicating air pollution in Ulaanbaatar is to provide ger district residents with affordable housing.He asked the director of Erel LLC about the price range of apartments that will be built by his company. B.Erdenebat said that the company will sell apartments for one million to 1.2 million MNT per square meter as they produce all kinds of construction materials.

President Kh.Battulga recommended the company’s director to introduce the new construction factory’s operation and potential to the government and the mayor of Ulaanbaatar to collaborate with them under the measures to reduce air pollution.


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