Most people picture a woman when they think of a fashion designer because of the few men who aspire to become designers in Mongolia. However, G.Delgerdalai is a young, talented male designer who has started getting a taste of success with his designs despite being a 12th-grade student at Mongeni Complex.

 When did you start drawing and designing clothes?

I always enjoyed drawing but I became more aware of my talent for art and fashion design after joining an art club in seventh grade. I was motivated to develop my talent and skills when I won a prize from a fashion design contest. My favorite things to draw as a kid were people’s facial expressions, clothes and shoes. I still keep them at home.

 Even though you’re very young, you’re quite infamous in the field. Can you mention some of your achievements?

I’m hardly successful. The most noteworthy prizes I got are the Grand Prix from the State Unsgeljin (Cinderella) 2017 Fashion Design Contest, first place from the State Unsgeljin 2018, first place from the Towards Dream fashion and design competition of the Ikh Zasag International University, first place from Khuslen 2017 Contest of Ulaanbaatar, Best Design award from an international children’s fashion design competition held in China, and first prize from the eighth Ulaanbaatar Arts and Crafts Olympiad.

Designs by G.Delgerdalai

 Where do you get your inspirations from?

I strive to get design ideas from music, films with a unique storyline and ancient books instead of imitating designs of existing clothing brands. I do a lot of research and study to come up with good designs. If you look carefully at my fashion designs, you will notice my efforts to be as creative and unique as possible. I focus on making them look alive as if they have a soul. My designs are mostly an infusion of clothing characteristics and cultures of different nations with modern trends.

What do you enjoy the most about designing clothes?

It’s fun to design clothes but a designer needs to have a good sense so that they can fully portray the wearer’s personality, what they wish to relay to others, and their desired appearance. While sketching new ideas, I listen to my favorite music. The most amazing thing about fashion designing for me is being able to do what I love and enjoy.

 What kind of music do you listen to while sketching?

I made my latest collection while listening to Russian singer Viktor Tsoi, Austrian musician Parov Stelar, and Mongolian artist Bodikhuu.

 Who’s your role model?

I’m always fascinated to see designs by the world famous Haute Couture brand as well as inspirational brands to every designer, such as Guo Pei, Roberto Torgo, Roberto Cavalli, Torgo, Versace, and Michael Cinco.

 Which of your designs is your favorite?

Since seventh grade, I have been trying to create a physical form for new ideas in my head, which I sketched on paper numerous times, cut and sewn equally as much before being satisfied. I have created over 30 designs so far. I don’t have a favorite because I love them all.

In your opinion, what should a person do to become successful?

I’m not sure what kind of personality or behavior a person should have to succeed, but personally, I always try to work hard and be determined. You can probably never be able to advance forward even if you have talent but don’t work hard.

 What stimulates and motivates you?

The support and encouragement I receive from my friends, family and teachers motivate me the most to work harder for success. It could be said that I was able to attain my minuscule success because these people became my pillars and guides to success.

 How competitive are your peers?

We, teenagers, might be young in age but we’re quickly learning and improving our skills. I can see many young Mongolians working extremely hard to reach success not only in the fashion industry but in every field like sports, arts and culture, and science.

 What do you think about the Mongolian fashion industry?

Although a few pieces branded Mongolian are emerging in the global fashion industry, I believe that Mongolian designers are evolving at the same pace as designers worldwide.

 Do you have a plan to start your own clothing brand?

I wish to create a Mongolian brand that can rise to the top in the global market. I want it to have exclusive custom-fitted clothing that are handmade just like Haute Couture but also have a touch of the traditional Mongolian styles and are suitable for everyday wear.

 What is your near-term goal?

The first thing I want to do is graduate as soon as possible and enroll into the Tokyo University of the Arts.
































This interview was originally published in Mongolian on YOLO


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