Cabinet reviews healthcare, state welfare and hunting permits

A mother breastfeeding her little baby

During its weekly meeting, Cabinet approved of the resignation of Ambassador of Mongolia to the United Kingdom S.Bayar. The issue has been transferred to Parliament for final review.

Cabinet members also accepted State Secretary of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry L.Bayartulga’s request to step down from his position to study abroad.
Starting next year Cabinet will provide nursing mothers taking care of their children between the ages of zero and three a monthly welfare of 50,000 MNT, mothers who gave birth to twins will receive a one-time grant of one million MNT, and mothers of triplets or more will be given a one-time grant of three million MNT, pregnant women will keep receiving their monthly welfare of 40,000 MNT starting at the fifth month of pregancy, and single mothers and fathers with three or more children between the ages of zero and 18 will also receive a state welfare of 240,000 MNT every season. The welfares have been included in the 2018 state budget, and Cabinet approved its resolution and regulation on the requirement documents for state welfares.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh instructed Minister of Labor and Social Protection S.Chinzorig and mayors of provinces and the capital to implement the new regulation.
During the meeting, Cabinet agreed to establish the Health Insurance Authority to improve the quality of medical assistance and service across the country. Minister of Health D.Sarangerel was assigned duties to approve the authority’s strategy and structure, and to launch its operation by January 1, 2018.

Ministers adopted a protocol to establish an agreement on military financial cooperation between the governments of Mongolia and Turkey. Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin gave a report on the 16th meeting of the council of government heads of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in Sochi, Russia from November 30 to December 1, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ts.Munkh-Orgil was instructed to take measures regarding some decisions from the meeting.

During the meeting, Cabinet discussed setting quotas for hunting permits, and the quotas in 2018 was set at 60 wild sheep, 75 wild goats, 32 deer, 10 roe deer, 100 antelopes, 10 boars, 10 roe deer, 500 hunting birds and 450 taimen. Cabinet also adopted a new regulation to reward individuals and enterprises protecting cultural heritages.


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