Four memory athletes, namely International Grandmasters N.Munkhshur, N.Enkhshur, E.Lkhagvadulam and Z.Tsetsegzul represented Mongolia at the 2017 World Memory Championships, which was organized by the World Memory Sports Council from December 6 to 9 in Shenzhen, China.

Young Mongolian athlete N.Munkhshur raised the winner’s cup of the championships through her overall score, beating all the men. She became the first woman to win the championships with her overall score.

Silver and bronze medals went to Chinese athletes Shi Binbin and Su Zehe.

N.Munkhshur’s twin sister N.Enkhshur broke the world record in the binary numbers category after memorizing 5,445 digits within 30 minutes and set a new record.

N.Enkhshur said, “We are very happy that we broke the world record and established a new record. We were able to set higher records because we have the ability to perform better, but the task sheet was not enough for us.”

The total prize fund of the tournament was 100,000 USD and 320 memory athletes
competed this year.

The 2017 World Memory Championships was held just after the World Memory Championship 2017, and was organized by the International Association of Memory in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mongolian athletes won 57 medals out of 90 available.


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