N.Enkhbayar says O.Baasankhuu’s appointment as MPRP chairman is ‘invalid’

MP O.Baasankhuu at the congress on December 9 /Photo by news.mn/

The Mongolian People’s Revolution Party (MPRP) hosted its congress on December 9 at the State Palace to elect a new party chairman and resolve some internal issues.
After the congress’ delegates discussed the party’s internal affairs and agreed to oust N.Enkhbayar from the position of party chairman, MP O.Baasankhuu and Secretary of Ulaanbaatar’s MPRP G.Byambasuren run for the party’s leadership, and the majority of delegates elected O.Baasankhuu as chairman.

But some leading members of MPRP, including current chairman of MPRP N.Enkhbayar, vice chairman of the party S.Ganbaatar, general secretary of MPRP E.Erdenejamyan and former MP Z.Bayanselenge protested O.Baasankhuu’s victory.

They said that the December 9 congress was “invalid” and claimed Member of Parliament
O.Baasankhuu manipulated some members of MPRP to capture the party leadership “illegally”. They said that as many people holding unofficial memberships of
MPRP participated in the congress and voted for O.Baasankhuu, and as other “illegal” activities took place during the congress, the meeting is “invalid”.

MP O.Baasankhuu noted that those opposing him such as former President N.Enkhbayar,
S.Ganbaatar, E.Erdenejamyan and Z.Bayanselenge were handed invitations for the December 9 congress, but they did not attend the congress, except for S.Ganbaatar. Former MP S.Ganbaatar attended the congress on December 9, but left the congress saying that it was an unofficial meeting. If the Supreme Court approves O.Baasankhuu’s victory, he will become MPRP’s chairman, but N.Enkhbayar officially keeps the party’s chairmanship until the Supreme Court makes its decision on the issue as N.Enkhbayar announced
that he will not give O.Baasankhuu the party chairman’s seal.

Under the Law on Political Party, the Supreme Court has the authority to approve or reject the new chairman of a political party.


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