Parliament rejects President’s veto and approves amended State Service Law


During December 7 parliamentary meeting, lawmakers held the final review of the amendments to the Law on State Officials, and the President’ veto on the 2018 state budget.

Parliament approved amendments to the Law on State Officials, which are designed to carry out a “consistently strong” political system.

Legislators believe that the amended version of the law will be able to stop mass dismissal of state officials conducted by ruling political parties after elections, bring about a merit system in Mongolia’s state service, and improve the competency of state officials by providing incentives based on skills, performance, experience and other abilities.

Under the amended law, applicants for state secretary of ministerial posts must have 16 years of experience or more in state service, and the essential requirement of a nominee for the head of a ministry’s department is eight years of experience or more in state service. Amendments to the Law on State Officials will become effective on January 1, 2019.

During the December 7 meeting, Parliament voted against the President’s partial veto on the 2018 state budget.

Chief of Staff of the President’s Office Z.Enkhbold pointed out that President Kh.Battulga vetoed the 2018 state budget as he considered that Parliament approved a budget with high deficit without cutting spending despite the price of coal – the biggest contributor to state revenue – increasing this year.


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