The Mongolian memory team claimed 57 medals out of 90 available at the 26th World Memory Championships, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from December 1 to 3.

The Mongolian team, comprised of 20 athletes, won 21 gold, 21 silver and 15 bronze medals in total, and won the championships through team result after collecting 22,531 points.

Mongolian athletes broke seven world records, namely International Grandmaster N.Munkhshur in the one-hour cards category (adult); International Grandmaster A.Yanjaa in the names and faces, and images categories (adult); and International Master E.Lkhagvadulam in the historic/future dates, speed cards, binary digits, and one-hour cards categories (junior).

Memory athletes B.Namuun, S.Maral, N.Namuundari, D.Saikhanbileg, B.Ariunbileg and M.Uyanga qualified for the International Grandmaster title condition, and N.Munkhshur, N.Enkhshur and A.Yanjaa received a title promotion.

In the adult category, world number one Alex Mullen of the USA became the world champion with 9,055 points. He was followed by N.Munkhshur of Mongolia with 7,880 points and A.Yanjaa with 7,425 points.

International Grandmaster E.Lkhagvadulam of Mongolia won the gold medal in the junior category, earning 6,959 points. Second and third places went to M.Uyanga (5,552) and B.Namuun (5,302).

Mongolia’s International Grandmaster B.Ariunbileg came in first place in the kids’ category. Sh.Naranbat and T.Ujin secured silver and bronze medals.

World and Asian champion N.Munkhshur was awarded the Best Athlete of Asia 2017 trophy during the 2017 World Memory Championships.

More than 130 competitors from 21 countries competed in 10 different memory disciplines at the tournament for three days.

The 2017 World Memory Championships was the 45th international tournament for Mongolian memory athletes. After collecting 57 medals from this year’s tournament, Mongolia currently has 742 medals from 45 international memory tournaments.


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