S.Zorig’s assassination case file to be declassified

Minister Ts.Nyamdorj speaks to the press on December 1

As Section 15.1.4 of the Law of State Secrecy states that the General Intelligence Agency has the authority to put forward a proposal to declassify a state secret case file to Cabinet, Head of the General Intelligence Agency (GIA) D.Gerel submitted his proposal to declassify some materials from S.Zorig’s murder case to Cabinet on Thursday.

During its non-regular Friday meeting, Cabinet discussed the proposal from the GIA head.
After the meeting, Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Ts.Nyamdorj held a briefing about the Cabinet decision on this matter.

Minister Ts.Nyamdorj underlined that three people have been sentencing for the murder of S.Zorig, and a case file with 14,926 pages about the three prisoners will be declassified, but 74 pages of material related to the ongoing investigation of the case will be kept classified.

The Justice Minister stated that Cabinet has made a decision to transfer the declassified documents from GIA to the National Archive of Criminal Cases Data, but the Supreme Court will make the final decision on where the materials will be kept. He added that law enforcement authorities are still investigating the mastermind behind the high profile assassination.


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