Cabinet postpones decision to declassify S.Zorig’s murder case

Cabinet meeting in progress

During its November 29 meeting, Cabinet discussed to declassify some materials from the investigation of S.Zorig’s murder case.

Since former Member of Parliament and then-acting Minister of Infrastructure Development S.Zorig was assassinated in October 2, 1998, the General Intelligence Agency, prosecutors and police have been investigating the murder.

Though the executors of the assassination were sentenced, the mastermind behind it hasn’t been found. The trials and court proceedings have been kept classified due to the sensitive nature of the case and as the investigation is still technically ongoing, officials explain.

In accordance to the Law of State Secrecy, any information about an investigation of a murder is to be considered a state secret.

As some Cabinet members proposed to declassify some parts of the investigation and closed trial, Cabinet discussed the issue on Wednesday but did not reach a verdict.

Head of the General Intelligence Agency D.Gerel is expected to report on the investigation of S.Zorig’s murder to ministers at next week’s Cabinet meeting.

After his report, Cabinet will vote on whether the investigation and trial of the case will be declassified.


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