Scientists and researchers celebrated the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Organization of Modern Science with a congratulatory reception on November 24.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports awarded prizes to the best scientific studies, discoveries and achievements during the event.

 Award recipients are:

First place: “Early History of Mongolia” book by professor of the National University of Mongolia P.Delgerjargal and PhD of the Institute of Archaeology B.Batsuren.

Second place: “Characteristics of Coal Ash, Its Complete Processing and Use” study by academician of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology J.Temuujin

Third Place:

  •  “Humic Substances Biochemical Activity with Nanocomposites” study by PhD of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology G.Dulmaa
  •  “Mongolian Amphibians” book by NUM professor Kh.Terbish and PhDs of the Mongolian State University of Education Kh.Munkhbayar and M.Munkhbaatar
  • “Ingredients in Mongolian Traditional Medicine and Pharmacopoeia” study by professors of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Technology Ch.Chimedragchaa, B.Dagvasuren, B.Degjidmaa and Ts.Nyamdemberel.

The Science and Technology Fund also named the top four inventions exhibited at the 2017 Science, Technology and Innovation Exhibition, held on November 23. The exhibition featured more than 300 inventions by 97 organizations in total.

Director of the Science and Technology Fund D.Enkhjargal promised to focus on introducing these inventions and technology into practice and support scientists in every possible way to help them sell their products.

The Energy-2.0 thermal accumulator innovated by S.Batmunkh, B.Odonkhishig and B.Jargalsaikhan from the Institute of Thermal Engineering and Industrial Ecology came in first place

The thermal accumulator is capable of converting electricity into heat and storing the heat from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. so that it can be used during daytime without electricity.

Secretary of the Institute of Thermal Engineering and Industrial Ecology S.Batmunkh said, “We tested this equipment for six months and now it is ready to go into production. The thermal accumulator costs 1.2 million MNT, but similar products are sold for around three million MNT in foreign markets.”

Vitamins and protein enriched with mineral subsistence that was produced by four members of the Research Institute of Animal Husbandry won the joint second place with Aris Trade Company’s tanning technology. The vitamins and proteins are for helping animals recover their strength and boost their immunity during seasonal changes. Professors Ts.Otgoo, Ts.Dejidmaa, T.Batsukh and D.Sangajav who came up with the recipe claimed that the product can moderate the reduction of live weight of animals by up to 13 percent.

On the other hand, the tanning technology is said to be environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gases as it doesn’t use chemical materials such as chromium, heavy metals, saline and acid.

The third prize also went to two creations: Automatic Control System of Hydronic Heating Boiler and Odor Remover for wastewater treatment plants. While the automated control system enables ger area families to emit less air pollution via stoves, the odor remover is useful for not only removing ill odors from sludge and latrine but also disinfecting them, one of the organizers stated.

The odor remover was created by J.Dugerjav and D.Altankhuyag from Uujim Bulgan Start-up Company of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. The control system was developed by P.Zolbayar, Ch.Bayasgalan, G.Bat-Erdene, U.Batkhishigt, and M.Bat-Orshikh from the Institute of Physics and Technology.

The awards were presented by State Secretary of Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports J.Bolormaa and Director of the Science and Technology Fund D.Enkhjargal.


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