President tours agriculture and transportation ministries to oversee their operations

President Kh.Battulga at the Ministry of Roads and Transportation

President Kh.Battulga visited the Ministry of Roads and Transportation, and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry on Friday to oversee their operations.

The President urged the Minister of Roads and Transportation to focus on creating more jobs to build highways from Zamiin-Uud border checkpoint at the Mongolian and Chinese border to Altanbulag border checkpoint at the Mongolian and Russian border, as well as other roads and bridges. He noted that as many foreign companies won Mongolian road tenders, they hire a lot of foreign workers. The President said the ministry should pay attention to increasing the number of Mongolian workers in road construction projects by limiting the number of foreign workers.

Minister J.Bat-Erdene stated that the ministry will work to complete the construction of a railway from Tavan Tolgoi coal mine to Gashuun Sukhait border checkpoint, and is focusing on dealing with unemployment and poverty, creating more jobs and support local development through road projects.

During his meeting with Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry B.Batzorig, President Kh.Battulga underlined that despite vast resources in the country’s agricultural sector, the country does not take advantages of its opportunities, and still exports raw agricultural products without adding value.

President Kh.Battulga told Minister B.Batzorig that the ministry doesn’t need a new agricultural development policy and said it should support the implementations of existing agricultural projects, programs and agreements as they were evaluated by a team of experienced international experts.

The President emphasized that as experts made comprehensive studies on Mongolian extreme climate, pasture and other agricultural factors, and they concluded that if the country implements existing projects and programs, it will be able to meet its domestic agricultural product demand, and export agricultural and livestock products.


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