Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar handed a certificate of Cultural Ambassador of Mongolia to artist S.Zayasaikhan on November 23.

As a Cultural Ambassador of Mongolia, S.Zayasaikhan will be responsible for promoting the culture, art, and history of Mongolia abroad, and strengthening bilateral relations between Mongolia and other countries.

S.Zayasaikhan is a professional Mongolian artist who lives in Japan. He has been promoting Mongolia to foreigners through his artworks featuring the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of Mongolians.

He has displayed his artworks at exhibitions in Japan, the USA, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and has unveiled 15 solo exhibitions to date.

International artists, art critics, and curators highly value S.Zayasiakhan’s works.

S.Zayasaikhan is the seventh Mongolian to become a Cultural Ambassador.

The 69th yokozuna (sumo grand champion) Hakuho M.Davaajargal, Olympic gold and silver medalist judoka N.Tuvshinbayar, ballet dancer D.Altankhuyag, opera singer E.Amartuvshin, art critic and lecturer of the University of California Ts.Uranchimeg, and long song singer S.Badamkhorol are Mongolia’s other Cultural Ambassadors.


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