The Ulaanbaatar Transportation Office reported that nearly 20,000 violations were found during a five-day onsite inspection on public buses.

Four specialists from Ulaanbaatar Smart Card LLC, 18 state inspectors from the Ulaanbaatar Transportation Office, and 249 inspectors and six supervisory staff from City Bus Consulting LLC observed and inspected operations of public buses from November 9 to 13. During this period, 83,822 passengers rode 2,868 public buses routed to four destinations, namely Ch:7 Nisekh-National Library-Doloon Buudal-Zunjin, Ch:36 Gachuurt-Officers’ Palace-Zaisain, Ch:3 Zuun Salaa-National Center of Communicable Diseases, Ch:51 3rd and 4th micro district-National University of Mongolia-and Dunjingarav State Service Center.

According to the inspection report, a total of 19,525 violates were detected.

  • Violations were divided into the following categories:
    • Riding without smart bus card – 12,485
    •  Using cards with insufficient balance – 5,403
    • Adults using children’s bus card – 1,093
    •  Adults using bus cards for elderly people – 288
    • People using bus cards for the disabled – 157
    • Adults using student cards – 74
    • People misusing bus cards for honorary blood donors – 25

Inspectors also examined the operations of 161 U Money booths where people can buy new smart bus cards or recharge their old ones. These booths were located at 72 stores, eight Kiosk shops, 21 newsstands, eight markets and shopping centers, a pharmacy and a coffee shop. According to reports, six people purchased new bus cards while 71 passengers recharged their cards with a total sum of 205,600 MNT.

The Ulaanbaatar Transportation Office stated that the U Money booth vendors and passengers who were caught violating the Transportation Law and Law on Conflicts were briefed about related regulations and warned not to repeat their offenses. Reportedly, some offenders were imposed with appropriate fines, while others had to sign memorandums promising not to violate the law again.


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