Founder of Saran Cake company and cake artist M.Naranchimeg won the special prize of the 25th Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, which was organized from September 30 to October 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the USA.

Founded by cake artist extraordinaire and TV personality Kerry Vincent, the competition
includes categories for cakes, cookies, chocolate work and the Grand National Wedding
Cake Competition. The wedding cake theme was “Perfume”.

Over 200 wedding cakes made by cake designers from 40 countries competed in the

M.Naranchimeg’s cake depicting the Mongolian traditional costume won the special prize.

With stunning table settings and sublime sugar art design, visitors gain a wonderful visual experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Below is an interview with cake artist M.Naranchimeg

Congratulations on winning the special prize of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show last month.

Thank you. I am very happy that I successfully competed in the show. I challenged myself in the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.

Were there any cakes like yours which features traditional culture?

There weren’t. Most of the cakes were very fancy wedding cakes. The Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show gives a theme for the competition. This year’s theme was “Perfume”. That’s why I decided to show a queen’s dress, which shows Mongolian culture and custom. Some cake designers prepare for this competition for a year. I prepared for the competition for 10 days when I was in Washington DC. Then I went to Oklahoma. Forty percent of my cake was damaged when I reached Oklahoma. I was so nervous and started fixing the cake. This is when I understood that time is very precious. I did fix my cake just before the competition.

Of course, the other contestants must have commented on your cake. What did they say?

They said my cake was unique and different from others. They also talked about my deel, which I was wearing. They said Mongolian traditional costume, deel, was very nice.

I am the first contestant of Mongolia to take part in the show.

In 2015, I also represented Mongolia at the International Cake Exploration Society for the first time. The organizers and contestants welcomed me with warm greetings.

When did you start making the cake? The cake you made looks like a masterpiece. 

I started making cakes from 2012. I was interested in design when I was a child. I think the cake is for not just to eat. It gives happiness to everyone. Visitors came to the weddings, title celebrations and parties rush to see the cake. That’s why cake should be very eye-catching and tasty. My mom used to make cakes. That’s why I decided to become cake artist.

It seems you usually use gold color for the cakes. 

Yes, I do because most of the customers like to make their cakes with gold color. It depends on customers’ order. I always ask color and theme of the cakes before making.

How many days do you spend on making one cake?

It depends on the size. I like to take orders one month before the event. Some people came to me and said they need a cake for tomorrow. It is hard to make a beautiful cake for a day. It is almost impossible. I ask for the theme because I like to make unique and only one cake for the customers.That’s why I have to take orders in advance.




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