Some women want to conceive from the bottom of their heart, but some do everything to avoid having an unwanted child. In Mongolia, it is estimated that 70 percent of women are of reproductive age (20-34).

Nowadays, the numbers of young and older women undergoing abortion seems to be
on the rise, or we have just become more aware and accepting of this practice.

According to the abortion statistics in Mongolia, a total of 18,316 women had an abortion in 2015.

This number is reported by state hospitals, but we don’t know how many abortions private hospitals perform.

Many women choose to have an abortion with the help of a private physician because it is cheaper. Induced abortion accounts for a large percentage of maternal mortality in Mongolia, causing at least 850 maternal deaths each year.

Mongolia legalized abortion in 1992. Currently, around 70 licensed hospitals are legally permitted to perform it. According to recent data, between 30 and 40 women have abortions daily in these hospitals.

In total, 18,000 women had abortions last year, 1,200 of them were younger than 20 years of age, 3,700 were between 21 and 24 years of age, and 4,900 were between the ages of 25 to 29. Approximately 6,000 women had abortions for the first time in 2015.

Over the past decade, abortion rates among younger age groups had decreased but increased among over 25-year-olds.

Dr. B.Baljmaa said, “One abortion clinic performed 40,000 abortions in one year. It costs almost 50,000 MNT to get an abortion. There are literally hundreds of clinics.”

Legally, abortion can be performed in Mongolia under the following circumstances:

  • If it is determined that the pregnancy threatens the life and/or health of the mother and/or fetus
  • At the request of an expecting woman if she is aged below 16 or a woman over 45 years of age
  • If the woman has a mental disorder
  • If it is determined that the pregnancy is the result of incest
  • In the case of a rape victim

Mongolia has only three million citizens and the government is paying a lot of attention to growing the population. But with abortion on the rise, the potential for population growth is greatly diminished.

Although there are few circumstances under which abortion is permitted, they are largely ignored.

It is no secret that women who became pregnant with a married man opt for abortion.

The General Agency for Specialized Inspection found that girls aged 15 and 16 had abortions at unlicensed hospitals. The agency conducted inspections at state and private hospitals in January this year.

Expert of the agency B.Oyuntsetseg said, “There are 70 state and private hospitals licensed to perform an abortion. Eighty percent of them are doing their job properly. Prior to abortion, the hospital has to take five examinations. Some hospitals don’t follow these rules. We have to improve the legal environment and hospital environment. If you find unlicensed hospitals performing an abortion, call 1800-1826 and let us know.”

Both women and men have to be responsible and think about family planning before they bring a child into the world.

It is important for the state to educate its citizens from a young age about reproductive health and family planning to prevent unintended pregnancy.




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