Parliament conducts second review on 2018 state budget

Parliament in session

During its November 9 meeting, Parliament held the second review on the draft 2018 state budget. At the meeting, some female legislators debated childcare services, and Member of Parliament Z.Narantuya criticized a part of the draft 2018 state budget which outlines transferring childcare services from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports.

MP Z.Narantuya pointed out that after the Law on Childcare Service was enacted, more than 1,500 mothers found new jobs and over 5,500 children have been provided childcare services. She added that if Parliament supports this part in the draft budget, childcare services will be diminished to meet requirements under the Law on Education.

Ts.Tsogzolmaa, the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports, said that this change has been made during discussions on the draft to improve the quality of childcare services, and services of schools and kindergartens operating under the ministry, but childcare services are outside of the ministry’s operation. The minister added that determining a policy on childcare and child protection to create jobs or to provide some children with access of childcare services is insufficient.

While MPs O.Baasankhuu and J.Amarzaya said that childcare services should be supervised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, MP D.Oyunkhorol believes that the ministry implementing education policy should take control of childcare services.
The final review of the draft 2018 state budget on November 15 is set to clear up the uncertainty regarding childcare services.


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