Jigsaw Halloween Party 

iLOFT Club is organizing Jigsaw Halloween Party from October 27 to 29. The entry fee is 20,000 MNT and each ticket will enable you to watch “Jigsaw” film at Gegeenten Entertainment Center on October 30 and 31 for half price.

Drink Entrepreneurs

Drink Entrepreneurs is doing a Halloween Special event at Workcentral Mongolia in Sukhbaatar District. The entry fee is 10,000 MNT and for more information, contact 89812552 or 80060077.

Halloween Cocktail Night

The International Women’s Association of Mongolia is having a night of spooky fun with special cocktails made by Phil Scott and live performances at KK Lounge.

‘Jigsaw’ premiere

Tengis and Urgoo Cinemas are premiering 2017 “Jigsaw” for upcoming Halloween.

Cirque Du Freak Halloween party

Cielo Food n Bar is inviting you to a Trick or Treat party with fire shows, circus acts, performance by pole dancer Tsenguun, and special cocktails. The entrance fee is 20,000 MNT so if you want to reserve a table, contact 94093224.

D/UFE Halloween 2017

Gandan Live House is hosting a Halloween night with DJs, various dance and cover song performances, fire show, erosion show, and more. The entrance fee is 15,000 MNT.

Silent Halloween

Silent Halloween night is taking place tonight at Moustache Lounge. The entrance fee is 35,000 MNT and 25,000 MNT for UB Passport users.

Dracula Halloween 2017 ‘Winter is Coming’

A Halloween Party themed “Game of Thrones” is being organized at Park Castle on Friday and Saturday. The entrance fee is 25,000 MNT on Friday and those who also come on Saturday will be able to enter for 10,000 MNT. Get more information from 77070707.

Guardians of the UB Halloween Festival

Vegas Night Club is doing a festival titled “Guardians of the UB” with various performances and competitions. The first 100 customers will get a free warm-up shot and Tiger beer.

The Visit by The Unknown/Zu Club

Zu Club is hosting a Halloween Special with the hottest DJs. The entrance fee is 20,000 MNT.


Spooky Box Mongolia (Cosplay Party)

Amateur cosplayers in Mongolia will host their biggest cosplay meetup at Deevriin Khundii in Peace Avenue with DJ sets, dance crews, hip hop artists, live bands and more. The entrance fee is 5,000 MNT.

Children’s Halloween

A special Halloween event for children aged between three and 13 will take place at Gobi Sauna in Bayangol District at 12:00 p.m. All sorts of fun games, friendly competitions, photo booth, buffet, and gifts and prizes have been prepared. The entrance fee is 30,000 MNT. For more information, call 99020637 or 99061512.

Halloween Horror Night

Gegeenten Entertainment Center is challenging every horror film lover to a contest to find the person most knowledgeable about horror films. You can join the contest for free of charge and it will kick off at 5:00 p.m.

It Halloween Park

A huge Halloween festival will kick off this weekend at the National Amusement Park and end with a super show on All Hallows’ Eve. Cosplay parade and performances by The Colors, Aim4r dance crew, GS dance crew, circus troop, DJ Tulgaa, and contests will be available for 5,000 MNT. For more information call 11-326020.

Trick or Treat

Night Light Street is bringing a large scale Halloween party with Project Lounge, Mojito Cocktail house, Project X Club, Revolution Restaurant & Bar, Choco Metropolis Club, Khan Brau Restaurant & Pub, UB Jazz Live music club, and Los Angeles Restaurant. Amazing prizes and giveaways will be waiting for you along with gruesome punishments.

Indie Day – What We Do in the Shadows

For Halloween special, Happy Center is screening “What We Do in the Shadows” film at 5:00 p.m. Tickets cost 2,000 MNT.

This is Halloween

Hard Rock cafe is bringing The Tourists and Anar, Aadar, Bulsara, DJ Leather Nation and make-up artists for a terrifying Halloween special.

Halloween @Shangri-La Mall

Shangri-La Mall will hold children’s play, cultural performances, free face painting, Halloween costume contest, and Trick or Treat event this weekend.


HoTeL Transylvania

Park Castle will continue their spooky fun on Sunday with Thunder, Lil thug and Ginjin, MolboyFree, free face painting, DJ sets, and various contests. The entrance fee of 24,980 MNT will be accompanied with a free drink of choice.

Serisu Halloween

Nogoon Tagt is screening American horror stories provided by Serisu TV, including “Friends Don’t Lie”, “Stranger Things”, “Will You Marry Me?”, “Can You Feel Me?” and “The Bride”. Makeup corner, fortune teller, and Trick or Treat event will be available. The entrance fee is 10,000 MNT, but everyone who comes with a costume will get a 50 percent discount. Drinks and snacks will be available.


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