Nearly 7 billion MNT won from VAT Lottery


Almost 270,000 people won a grand total of 6.9 billion MNT from the VAT Lottery over the course of two years, according to the General Taxation Department of Mongolia.

Since January 2016, the lottery was carried out 27 times, announcing two super winners who won 100 million MNT each but only one claimed the prize, the General Taxation Department reported. Out of nearly 400 million receipts registered by 883,001 users, less than a million of them, or 25 percent, were winning receipts.

An interesting record showed that 1,042 residents living in Khentii Province won lotteries in the first eight months of 2017, out of which one won a cash prize of four million MNT, seven won 500,000 MNT, and the rest won cash prizes ranging between 20,000 MNT and 100,000 MNT. Among the 13,181 winners announced on September 17, 157 winners were from Khentii Province.

The super prize of the previous lottery draw was won by a woman who lives in Bor-Undur soum of Khentii Province, who had bought a biscuit for her daughter with the winning receipt. She said that she has been actively registering her receipts at the ebarimt application ever since she received 20,000 MNT cashback from the new VAT reward system.

In January, cashbacks of 35.1 billion MNT was given to 497,465 users for their receipts registered through 2016, according to the General Taxation Department. As of October 12, 615,310 users were accounted for up to 48.9 billion MNT in cashback.

The table below shows details related to VAT lottery as of October 12. 

Lottery jackpot Winning receipts Total sum (MNT) Claimed receipts Claimed sum (MNT) Claimed Percentage (%)
20,000 MNT 89,819 1,796,380,000 82,448 1,648,960,000 91.8
10,000 MNT 9,067 906,700,000 8,593 859,300,000 94.8
500,000 MNT 940 470,000,000 826 413,000,000 87.9
4 million MNT 89 356,000,000 82 328,000,000 92.1
20 million MNT 4 80,000,000 3 60,000,000 75
100 million MNT 2 200,000,000 1 100,000,000 50
Total 99,921 3,809,080 91,954 3,509,260,000 92



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