U.Khurelsukh, acting Deputy Prime Minister and the sole nominee for Prime Minister, said that the extended fund facility program being implemented in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund will “continue as normal” during a Parliamentary State Structure’s Standing Committee hearing.

“The program being implemented in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund will continue as normal. Special attention will be paid to efforts to increase pensions of senior citizens and the new Cabinet will work to reflect that in the upcoming budget in 2018,” said U.Khurelsukh.

The acting Deputy Prime Minister was unanimously approved by the State Structure’s Standing Committee for the appointment of Prime Minister. The discussions of U.Khurelsukh’s appointment will be discussed by Parliament on Monday, October 2.

During the hearing, U.Khurelsukh answered several key questions from the members of the committee.

In particular, he divulged that the government’s transitions must be organized and orderly, while also noting the importance of a smooth transition. U.Khurelsukh also highlighted that his new Cabinet would not be undergoing major reform in terms of structure or operations.

He also addressed the recent issue of increasing salaries of civil servants. A movement started by teachers demanding a monthly base salary of 1.6 million MNT had given life to other similar movements such as the movement among health workers.

Regarding this issue, U.Khurelsukh said, “In a time of financial and budgetary difficulties, people need to understand that the salaries of civil servants cannot be increased and that not every payment of Child Money will be made,” he stated.

“In terms of the bond repayment obligations in 2018, we have no other choice but to refinance the bonds through another sovereign bond. The Ministry of Finance is working on this,” U.Khurelsukh said.

Caucus leader of the Mongolian People’s Party, D.Khayankhyarvaa affirmed that U.Khurelsukh will not shake-up the structure of the government and will be implementing the action plan of the previous administration.


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