More than 280 representatives from 100 Asian and Mongolian businesses gathered at the 9th Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) Conference, held on September 28 and 29 in Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolian businesses were able to meet with experts from Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, the UK and the Netherlands, and explore cooperation opportunities that will help expand their businesses, increase their market share, and create strong and competitive brands.

Under the general topic “Finding Growth Together”, 11 presentations were delivered in two sessions, “Exploring Local and Leading Global” and “Growth Hacking”, to help local and foreign companies and marketing experts understand more about current trends in the global market for more productive operations.

The presenters shared successful cases and practices in entering international brands to the local markets and exporting local small brands to the international market based on marketing research and also introduced new trends of market research, technological solution, methodologies for market research, and possibilities of usage of research results for marketing strategies and planning.

The executive director of MMCG Company, Ch.Davaasuren, who is co-organizing the event, noted, “By organizing this time’s APRC Conference under the topic ‘Finding Growth Together’, we hope to create valuable products and services that clients desire, and succeed together with local and foreign businesses, market research companies and other experts. In other words, we have invited foreign experts to teach entrepreneurs that they can profit more and be more successful if they develop strategies based on market research.”

He underlined that the APRC Conference was the first large event for the Mongolian marketing industry.

Victor Yuan, the chairman of Dataway Horizon, an international organization based in China providing data intelligence service commented that the internet is changing people’s personality, views and attitude and that this is changing marketing trends in every country across the world. He said that clients can be divided into two groups, the young generation and older generations, and advised businesses to make products targeted at each group.

At the conference, Peter Harris, executive vice president and managing director at Vision Critical APAC, held a workshop on the topic “Insight Communities – Engaging Customers and Fueling Innovation With Customer-Driven Insight”, touching on issues such as consolidating customer data across multiple channels, using drive agile insight to fuel rapid innovation, and analyzing customer behavior to identify real-time needs.

The organizers noted that the event was significant for the development of businesses and marketing in Mongolia.


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