Cabinet reviews labor, child protection, health, tourism and mining related issues


During its Wednesday meeting, Cabinet supported the draft of the amendments to the Labor Law, which reportedly makes employers’ responsibilities to employees clear, improves payroll and payment system, shortens court process of labor disputes, and regulates vacation terms for workers in the mining sector who work far from home.

The draft states that salary increase should be applied based on an employee’s performance and experience to encourage employees to improve their skills.

Cabinet members approved the National Program on Children Protection and Development, which aims to promote children’s development, improve the health and safety of child care environment, reduce children in poverty, and prevent children from pressures, abuse and social inequality.

During the meeting, Acting Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol and Acting Minister of Finance B.Choijilsuren were instructed to take measures to protect the ecosystem of Ugii and Ganga lakes and to establish the Mongol Empire Museum tourist complex.

Acting Prime Minister J.Erdenebat instructed Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold to issue a land permit for the establishment of the tourism complex.

Cabinet agreed to increase the monthly salaries of public hospital staff working in tuberculosis wards by 30 percent as they work in a high-risk environment and could easily become infected with tuberculosis.

Cabinet members made amendments to the government resolution on improving transparency in mining and mineral exploration, which was issued in 2012.

Through the amendments, Cabinet agreed to provide state funding to sub-commissions monitoring mining exploration processes and those providing local residents with information on exploration transparency.


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