MPP conference to take place on September 25

The headquarters of the Mongolian People’s Party

The board of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) met on Wednesday to determine the date of the party’s next conference.

A total of 30 out of 33 board members attended the meeting and unanimously agreed to host the party’s conference on September 25, which will debate the appointment of the next Prime Minister.

Under the Law on Government, Parliament must form a new Cabinet before October 8, and as October 6 is a Friday, MPs believe that the final date to set up the next Cabinet will be October 6.

Secretary of MPP Ts.Bat-Enkh noted that as the party’s constitution states that if the party holds the majority in Parliament, the party chairman will automatically become the Prime Minister. The board meeting’s attendees unanimously agreed to abide by this rule.

Ts.Bat-Enkh added that the party must elect a new party chairman before Parliament’s fall session, which will open on October 2, to nominate a candidate for the office of Prime Minister to Parliament in the fall session.


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