MPs submit demand for Cabinet’s resignation

MP T.Ayursaikhan speaking to the press about the demand for Cabinet’s resignation

Some 30 legislators of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) have signed a demand for Cabinet’s resignation and they handed Vice Speaker of Parliament Ya.Sanjmyatav the demand on Wednesday as Speaker M.Enkhbold is abroad for medical care and Vice Speaker Ts.Nyamdorj is on vacation. Vice Speaker Ya.Sanjmyatav said that he will inform Speaker M.Enkhbold about the demand.

According to Section 16.2 of the Act of Parliament stating that more than one-third of MPs (26) has the authority to call an irregular session during Parliament’s recess, they are demanding the Speaker of Parliament to review the demand for Cabinet’s resignation within two weeks. Under the Act of Parliament, after a demand for Cabinet’s resignation is received by Parliament, the Parliament’s State Structure Standing Committee is to review the demand within seven days and Parliament is to review it within 14 days.

After presenting their proposal to Vice Speaker Ya.Sanjmyatav, nine legislators of MPP, including T.Ayursaikhan, L.Oyun-Erdene, D.Sumyabazar, Ya.Sodbaatar, Kh.Bolorchuluun, J.Enkhbayar, Ts.Garamjav, D.Sarangerel and M.Oyunchimeg, held a press conference about the demand for Cabinet’s resignation.

MP T.Ayursaikhan stated that since its formation, J.Erdenebat’s Cabinet served only few groups with political and business influences, and not the Mongolian people and the result of the presidential election has indicated that the current Cabinet should resign.

Head of the Security and Foreign Policy Standing Committee J.Enkhbayar emphasized that since Cabinet was formed, the purchasing power of MNT has decreased by 25 percent and the government has not been able to control the country’s economic decline. He added that the government is granting some ministers concession agreements worth 800 billion MNT in road, transportation and energy sectors. The MP stated that instead of dealing with challenges such salary and pension increases and class size reduction at public schools, the government is granting loans to its members’ private companies.

MP L.Oyun-Erdene said that as public approval for government operations have already dropped under 20 percent, the government should resign.


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