MP J.Bat-Erdene asks Prime Minister to launch small business creation program in 2018

MP J.Bat-Erdene (left) with Prime Minister J.Erdenebat

Member of Parliament J.Bat-Erdene met with Prime Minister J.Erdenebat on Monday to talk about the government’s small and medium-sized business promotion program.

MP J.Bat-Erdene pointed out that he has toured some provinces facing unemployment challenges to learn more about developing small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas and urged that a lot of unemployed people living in soums are waiting for the 21:100 Program, which was part of the Mongolian People’s Party’s government action plan during the 2016’s parliamentary election campaigns.

The main aim of this program is to create small and medium-sized enterprises which will produce 100 different products throughout 21 provinces by 2021. J.Bat-Erdene asked the Prime Minister to include funding for the program in the 2018 state budget as it needs to be put into action as soon as possible to reach its target by 2021, and he presented the Prime Minister with his plan for the program’s financing.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat emphasized that the MP’s proposal will be of importance to supporting the government’s efforts to carry out the program as soon as possible.


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