Speaker M.Enkhbold talks about bilateral cooperation with Qatari Ambassador

Ambassador Sultan Al-Mansur meeting with Speaker M.Enkhbold

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold received Ambassador of Qatar to Mongolia Sultan Al-Mansur on August 16 to discuss the relations and cooperation between the two nations and the Qatar diplomatic crisis.

The Speaker highlighted that the two countries have focused on boosting relations and cooperation, and that high-level visits and dialogues between the two countries have increased in recent years. He thanked the government of Qatar for training Mongolian military officers and law enforcement officials, and emphasized that cooperation between the two nations’ legislatures will play a significant role on expanding trade and economic relationships between the two countries.

Ambassador Sultan Al-Mansur stated that the two countries’ governments have established five agreements on increasing Qatari investment in Mongolia and developing air transport, sports and health cooperation. He noted that developing bilateral parliamentary cooperation will be of great importance to exchanging experience and information; learning from each others’ experiences that help develop democracy and boosting trade and economic cooperation.

The Speaker emphasized that as Mongolia is developing friendly relations with Arabian Gulf
countries, Mongolia wants the Qatar-Gulf diplomatic crisis to come to a resolution soon because this political crisis will have a negative impact on the Gulf Cooperation Council friendship and the regional security. He added that Mongolia encourages open dialogue and discussion to resolve the issue. Speaker M.Enkhbold confirmed that he welcomes the idea of opening an Embassy of Qatar in Ulaanbaatar


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