Public school and kindergarten teachers are gathering forces to hold a strike for a wage raise.

Teachers have been showing strong support for an initiative to have their wage nearly doubled on a Facebook page for teachers in Mongolia, which has more than 13,700 members. Although they haven’t set a specific date, they are determined to strike before September 1, the start of a new academic year.

The government approved seven different levels of wage for civil servant through a resolution in 2014. Accordingly, school and kindergarten teachers received the fifth or sixth lowest amount of wage approved for civil servants. In particular, their basic monthly wage ranges between 480,000 MNT and 608,000 MNT depending on their years of work experience.

Some teachers complained that their monthly salary is insufficient for their livelihood and that it is too low considering the amount of work they perform. Due to a growing population of children above the age of five, public kindergartens have been forced to fit up to 70 children in each classroom while middle schools teach around 50 to 60 students in a classroom on average, a teacher stated.

“A janitor in a private company receives around 900,000 MNT a month. A nanny who takes care of one or two children gets a million MNT a month,” she said.

Most teachers are supporting the idea to renegotiate for a better and fair wage and believe that a monthly wage of 1.5 million MNT would be reasonable, as written on the Facebook page but the group is yet to agree on the amount, as well as the date of their strike.


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