Premier meets South Korean legislator to discuss soft loan program and visa facility

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat meeting with Lee Hae-chan

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat received Member of South Korea’s National Assembly Lee Hae-chan on August 7 to talk about agricultural and economic cooperation projects between the two countries and the South Korean visa facility for Mongolians.

During their meeting, Lee stated that the main focus of his visit to Mongolia is to study possible areas for agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

The Prime Minister pointed out that as the agricultural sector is a key area of the country’s development, his government is ready to support initiatives on mutual agricultural cooperation. He emphasized that accelerating the establishment of an economic partnership agreement being studied by a joint working group of the two countries will be of significant importance to opening opportunities that will help the two nations develop mutual cooperation.

Premier J.Erdenebat stated that South Korea has agreed to grant a soft loan of 500 million USD to Mongolia. He said that the government will soon submit project proposals for the 500 million USD loan, and expressed hopes that the two countries will establish a loan agreement soon. The Prime Minister expressed hopes that South Korea’s National Assembly and its Democratic Party, a new ruling party in the assembly, will focus on easing its visa requirements for Mongolians traveling to the country.


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