President Kh.Battulga meets with British, Belarusian and Canadian ambassadors

Outgoing Canadian Ambassador Ed Jager meeting with President Kh.Battulga

On August 3, the President held meetings with Ambassador of Belarus Stanislav Chepurnoy, outgoing Canadian Ambassador Ed Jager and British Ambassador Catherine Arnold to exchange views on relations and cooperation between Mongolia and their respective countries.

During the meeting with Belarusian Ambassador, President Kh.Battulga noted that there are a lot of opportunities for the two countries to work together in the agricultural sector, and they discussed to hold a meeting of the Mongolia-Belarus Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation and invited the President of Belarus to visit Mongolia.

The Belarusian Ambassador emphasized that the country is interested in providing Mongolia with heavy machinery and equipment.

President Kh.Battulga told Canadian Ambassador Jager that Mongolia has closely collaborated with Canada in the mining sector in recent years. He underlined that there are possible areas of cooperation in agriculture and winter sports as Mongolia and Canada have similar weather conditions. The President said that there is a possibility to adopt Canadian innovative agricultural technologies in Mongolian agricultural industry.

The President highlighted that while he held the office of the Minister of Agriculture and Industry, he collaborated with Canadian experts to implement the New Soum project in two soums of Bayankhongor Province, which had a great impact on Mongolia’s remote area development. He asked the Canadian Ambassador to assist him in bringing Canadian experience in the nurturing of forests as forests cover only eight percent of Mongolia’s territory.

Ambassador Ed Jager stressed that the two countries have cooperation opportunities in agriculture, banking, and winter sports, especially ice hockey.

During President Kh.Battulga’s meeting with British Ambassador Catherine Arnold, the Ambassador pointed out that British entrepreneurs are interested in investing in Mongolia and the UK is working to promote Mongolia abroad and to convince international investors that there are a lot of opportunities to collaborate with Mongolia by investing in its tourism and agricultural sectors. She also stated that the UK has cooperated with Mongolia in innovation and green development, and supports Mongolia’s participation in international peacekeeping missions.

The President emphasized that Mongolia wants to further develop its cooperation with the UK in energy and agricultural sectors as well as in the areas to prevent and address desertification.


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