The biggest sports complex in Mongolia is being constructed in Darkhan-Uul Province. The sports complex’s construction started in 2011 but stopped due to investment delay in 2014.

Starting this year, the budget for the construction work of the sports complex was raised to 1.5 billion MNT.

Member of Parliament B.Javkhlan, advising engineer at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports R.Tserenpil, a specialist at the Physical Culture and Sports Policy Department of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports O.Gerel, and officials of Darkhan-Uul Province visited the construction site on July 28.

The 20,000 square-meter sports complex is expected to have a sports hall with seats for 2,200 people, a 25-meter deep swimming pool which meets international standard, a training hall, changing rooms, other sports related halls, a 120-room hotel for athletes, a restaurant, and a meeting hall.



  1. Its unclear if you are reporting on a long course or short course pool but in either case they will never be 25 meter deep. Please correct your typo

    If long course then it should be 50 meter long by 25 meter wide sufficient for 10 lanes. If short course then it should be 25 meter long and minimum 20 meter wide sufficient for 8 lanes.


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