The current trend of the use of mobile speedometers continues with Dornogovi Province police department buying two speedometers, each costing 14.5 million MNT.

A 408-kilometer busy road from Ulaanbaatar to Zamyn-Uud goes straight through Dornogovi Province. The number of accidents occurring on the road is relatively high, which has resulted in traffic police investing in two speedometers to prevent accidents.

A four-month initiative titled “Rural roads – driving etiquette”, which saw police conducting regular patrols, has helped decrease the number of accidents on rural roads,
according to local police.

Around 120 police officers conducted patrols, the speed of 2,157 cars were measured, 719 of which had some violation.

The police department has been trying to slow down drivers by placing signs about the consequences of driving under the influence and speeding, and set up police sign posts.


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