Every country has its favorite music festival. In Mongolia, there is only one live music festival, Playtime, and it takes place over three days in the summer.

Playtime has been organized since 2001. Initially, only a few people attended Playtime to listen to rock music and enjoy the festival. But now, Playtime has expanded to a much larger scale and thousands of people attend the festival each year.

Playtime 2017 festival took place at Mongol Shiltgeen (Hotel Mongolia) in Gachuurt, from July 14 to 16.

Crowd at Playtime 2017

The festival aims to promote modern music culture in Ulaanbaatar, and to bring together established and emerging artists to contribute to young people’s musical education.

Live music lovers from Mongolia and abroad gathered at this year’s festival. Various pavilions were set up for food, tattoos, piercing, drawing, sales of clothing and accessories, and beer.

Mohanik performing at Playtime 2017
Mohanik performing at Playtime 2017

Many attendees set up colorful tents all over the grounds and camped out at Mongol Shiltgeen to enjoy live music and dance at various parties until dawn.

This year’s festival lineup included more than 30 bands and 20 DJs performing on three separate stages. The states were devoted to new and emerging artists, for DJs and dance parties, and the main stage for well-established artists.


This year, Playtime introduced The Fin. (Japan), The You (Japan), One Sentence. Supervisor (Switzerland), and Laybricks (South Korea) as guests from abroad.

Mongolia’s rock and roll pioneers and legends Kharanga, Nisvanis, The Lemons, Mohanik, and The Colors also took to the main stage to give fans a taste of their music.

Mongolian legendary band Kharanga
Mongolian legendary band Kharanga




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