As of July 16, 22 wildfires blazed across the nation, with 374 emergency personnel deployed to fight the wildfires.

The fires are raging on in Tuv Province, Selenge Province, and Bulgan Province. Selenge Province is the most affected region with nine wildfires blazing in Yeruu soum, Mandal soum, and Khuder soum. Five separate wildfires are raging on in Tuv Province, which is causing the smoke present in Ulaanbaatar, while Bulgan Province is experiencing two separate forest fires.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) reported that the smoke engulfing Ulaanbaatar is due to the five wildfires that are ongoing in Batsumer soum of Tuv Province. The Information and Research Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment has been actively tracking the wildfires and coordinating with NEMA.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat was briefed on the wildfires and temporarily restricted travel to green zones. The Prime Minister delegated the responsibility of enforcing the restriction to the Minister of Environment and Tourism and ordered NEMA to ramp up efforts to put out the fires while maintaining frequent updates and reports. J.Erdenebat also delegated the responsibility of conducting cloud seeding in order to deliberate precipitation at the areas affected by the wildfires.

Although the weather has been dry, NEMA reports that around 70 to 80 percent of the wildfires are caused by human activities. The Prime Minister has ordered the Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation into the cause of the wildfires and take appropriate legal action against the perpetrators of the fires.

Distraught citizens have already begun movements to donate supplies and financial support to the firefighters, while some have even volunteered to fight the fires. NEMA has stated that it will be working in cooperation with NGOs and movements that have promised material and monetary support to the firefighting efforts.Brigadier General G.Ariunbuyan of NEMA has firmly discouraged untrained citizens to be involved in firefighting efforts. The agency has said it will require volunteer firefighters to pass a physical test and have at least one day of training before being deployed to combat the wildfires.

Brigadier General G.Ariunbuyan reported that NEMA has requested help from the Russian emergency agency, specifically requesting firefighting planes. He reported that his agency has been in contact with Russian officials to deploy firefighting planes in Siberia to help combat the wildfires. Even though the agency has requested support from its Russian counterpart, NEMA has maintained that it will be able to manage the wildfires without deploying soldiers. The Prime Minister has ordered the army to be on alert, but NEMA has not requested the help of the army as of yet.


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