The Ministry of Health, Ulaanbaatar Health Department, Public Health Institute and the Traffic Police issued some warnings and recommendation for everyone for the National Naadam Festival through a press conference.

Medical specialists are recommending festivalgoers to take preventive measures for sunstrokes, hypertension, alcohol poisoning, food poisoning, and inflammatory bowel disease as their occurrences tend to rise during the summer and public holidays. The police advised the public to take extra precaution against potential accidents, especially car accidents and drowning hazards.

During the press conference, Head of Crime Prevention Division of the Traffic Police Department Colonel E.Bukhbat reported that cardiovascular disease, cancer and traffic accidents are the leading causes of death in Mongolia.

More than 100,000 traffic accidents were recorded last year, killing 484 people and leaving 17,197 people with minor or serious injuries.

Water accidents have been reportedly increasing in the past month. As of July 3, 10 children and 43 adults died from drowning in 42 recorded water accidents, stated Colonel E.Bukhbat.

Head of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health D.Gantsetseg reported that the prevalence of foodborne diseases such as food poisoning, Salmonellosis, and dysentery is highest from May to July. She explained that bacteria thrive better in higher temperatures and that the summer heat boosts bacterial infections.

The following recommendations were given during the press conference:

1. Inspect every vehicle system to ensure that there are no fluid leaks, the tires are                properly inflated, the lights are working properly, and there are no warning lights                illuminated.

2. Check all car seats to make sure they are installed correctly and use belt-                           positioning booster seat, or baby car seat, for infants and toddlers.

3. Pregnant women are advised not to walk under the sun for long periods of time.

4. Avoid exceeding the speed of 80 kilometers per hour when traveling in the                         countryside

5. Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

6. Make sure anyone under the influence of alcohol does not swim in rivers or drive

7. Do not swim in rivers as water levels have risen across the country

8. Do not leave children unattended, especially near bodies of water

9. Avoid buying street food and check label on food products before eating

10.Properly store food and make sure to sanitize or wash your hands before eating

11. People with high blood pressure should regularly take their medication 12.Take                   preventative action against sunstroke by wearing light clothes, wetting one’s                       head, and using an umbrella


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