Public buses are running from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. during the National Naadam Festival, being marked from July 11 to 15.

The Ulaanbaatar Transportation Department reported that 676 buses are running on 87 routes, 21 small buses in five routes, and five buses in three Zuslan routes during Naadam Festival.

The department decided to provide 62 buses in 10 bus routes heading to Misheel Expo Center and 158 buses in 24 routes to Dunjingarav Shopping Center for festivalgoers who want to join the festival celebrations at the Central Stadium on July 11 and 12.

Short-rotation public buses available during the festival:


Direction Number of buses Waiting time
1 Davaanii Zurlug to Khui Doloon Khudag 5 4 minutes
2 Dund Gol to Central Stadium 3 4 minutes
3 “Dunjingarav Shopping Center to Central Stadium to Misheel Expo Center 20 4 minutes


Special buses headed to Khui Doloon Khutag field, where horse racing competitions take place, will set off from the bus stop in Gandiin Street every 20 minutes starting from 8:00 a.m. on July 11 and 12.

On July 13, 20 buses will take off from the bus stop in Ulaanbaatar Hotel to Khui Doloon Khutag field, and another 20 buses will leave from the 3rd and 4th khoroo-lol, Doloon Buudal, Tavan Shar, HMK, and Officer’s Palace bus stops (four buses from each bus stop) to the field. Special buses will charge 1,000 MNT per passenger.


mongolia taxi

Taxi services will be provided by 400 vehicles of 12 companies working under contract with the Ulaanbaatar Transportation Department from three car parks outside of the Central Stadium.

Locations of the three car parks:

1. North side of the Central Stadium: car park of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mahatma Gandhi Street

2. South side of the Central Stadium: car park of Khurd Town in Niislel Street

3. West side of the Central Stadium: car park of KH Apartment in Chinggis Avenue


railbusThe Ulaanbaatar Railbus will transport passengers from Amgalan Station to Davaanii Zurlug Station from July 11 to 13.

Railbuses will charge 500 MNT per passenger and the first train will leave from the Vokzal Station at 7:20 a.m. and the last train will complete its journey at the Vokzal Station at 7:52 p.m.


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