Playtime 2017, one of Mongolia’s biggest live music festivals, was scheduled to take place on July 7-9 at Mongol Shiltgeen in Gachuurt. The festival has been rescheduled for July 14-16, due to presidential election.

More than 30 bands and DJs, including groups from foreign countries and Mongolian bands, will take part in the festival. The international headliners of Playtime 2017 are The Fin. (Japan), The You (Japan), One Sentence. Supervisor (Switzerland), Laybricks (South Korea), and the Mongolian headliners are Kharanga, Nisvanis, The Lemons, and The Colors.More than 20 DJs will set the

More than 20 DJs will set the tone at Naglikhaats stage and over 10 promising emerging music groups will debut on the New Wave stage.

The highlight of the show will be The Fin., which was formed in 2010. The band consists of Uchino on vocals and synthesizer, Ryosuke Odagaki on guitar, Takayasu Taguchi on bass and Kaoru Nakazawa on drums. The band self-released 2,000 copies of its first EP, “Glowing Red on the Shore,” in 2013.

Another highlight of the event is Japanese band The You. The band was formed by Yuki Irei (singer and rhythm guitarist), Zunari (solo guitarist), Naoya Urasaki (drummer), Shunichiro Tagawa (bass guitarist) and Shougo Nagata in 2004. The You was highly influenced by Nirvana, The Verve, Radiohead and other alternative rock bands. In 2008, The You released their first album, and two EP albums.


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